II International Conference of Heritage Education

- Communications-Poster: Presented by people interested in participating; there will be selected by the scientific committee. They may be theoretical or even present experiences, practices and investigations related to heritage. They are not going to be presented with audiovisual resources. They will be used only for poster presentation discussion sessions.  The Scientific Committee will select eight communications whose format will be expanded for publication in a monograph of heritage education magazine Clio: History and History Teaching.


- Thematic working sessions: They will be coordinated by a member of OEPE and four papers will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the Congress for its importance, so it will be recognized as conferences. These thematic sessions will take place on 30th and 31st October at the venue of Madrid, refreshing information simultaneously with the congress in France and Brazil by videoconference.


- Poster from research groups. There will be a permanent exhibition of posters of national and international research teams in education and heritage, with the aim of explaining their research projects. There will be published in digital format after the conference.


-  Participation. There will be a maximum of 200 participants. The duration of the congress will be certified for 30h for participants.