II International Conference of Heritage Education

From implementations, best practices or reference proposals, we want to generate reflections, criteria, models and even theoretical principles. To reach this objective, Conference has the following topic lines:


Line 1:  National Education and Heritage Plan´s projects.

Line 2: Information technology, communication, knowledge and virtual environments.

Line 3: Innovation in formal education 

Line 4: Museums, heritage places, communication media and informal settings´ projects.

Line 5: Accessibility and social inclusion through heritage projects.

Line 6: Artistic-educational projects.


TRANSVERSAL Line 1: International Symposium. Heritage: movement of imaginary / Patrimoines : circulation d' imaginaires. Paris.


Axis 1: Territories and imaginary / Territories et imaginaires.

Axis 2: Linking people and heritage / Les liens entre les personnes et patrimoine

Axis 3: Training and sociality / Formation et socialite.

Axis 4: Relational Technology / Technologie relationnelle.

Axis 5: Sensitive research / Recherche sensible.


TRANSVERSAL Line 2:  People, cities and heritage. Sao Paulo.